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Meet the Staff: Testimonials
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Meet The Directors/ Coordinators
Sidney & Rosie Taylor, RN

Both my parents died of heart related disease in their early 70’s.  I have six siblings and all of us are plagued with heart-related disease - Hypertension.  Both my parents were on not 1 or 2 , but each was on 3 & 4 medications  for hypertension and guess what – their  blood pressure was still uncontrolled.  I should have been kicked in the head not to realize that something else was needed.   My youngest sister had her first stroke at the age of 20 & has had several since then. My brother has had 2 heart attacks – all because of this monster disease.  My daughter developed systemic lupus.  Well if hypertension was not enough for me, I developed hyperthyroidism, colon problems & migraine headaches. 

Since my whole family was on medications to control the hypertension – my biggest concern was those headaches that literally kept me from functioning  10 – 12 days out of a month. Is this what life is all about – pain, pressure & pills?  We ( my family & I ) were slaves to pills. After literally trying everything else to relieve these symptoms( for drugs only relieve symptoms, they never cure) I turned to Jesus and His natural remedies. – we tend to go to Jesus last, thinking that we can solve our own problems—when in fact, we can do nothing without Him.   In Him we live & move & have our being.

I somehow forgot that Jesus made our bodies, and who knows best how to take care of them than the Creator? “For we are fearfully and wonderfully made.” I  made a lifestyle change –  started adhering to those   “8 Doctors” (Nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest, Trust in God)

To God be the glory!  The day that I started making those changes my health started improving. I started adding not just years to my life, but life to my years, and I  feel  good, good, good. 

I praise God for my husband; for his continual support, and together we have dedicated our lives to helping others who are searching for that true “fountain of youth.”  Those whose lives have been plagued with disease, whose bodies are worn with pain, who are struggling with decisions concerning health issues. God has a remedy for every ill. We don’t know all the answers, but God does; and He reveals to us what we need  to know as we seek His will.

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