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Center Photos

Welcome to our Health & Wellness Center!!!

Life Style Wellness Center.jpg

We are in a continual state of building up our Center to fit the needs of our Lifestyle Guests. So, these photos may not reflect new construction or new additions like green houses and walking trails.

However, you will get the general idea of the healthful environment we offer as a part of the lifestyle we promote.

Life Style Wellness Center

Upstair Living Quarteres with Downstairs Multipurpose Room.jpg

This is the sleeping quarters for those who decide to stay on-site for their processes. The multipurpose center is where we me for classes, training, etc.

Living Quarters and Multipurpose Center

Picnic Area.jpg

There is nothing like being outside in the open air. Fresh air is required to help with restoration and healing.

Outside Picnic Area

Vegetable and Herb Garden.jpg

Benches are set up for seating in the picnic areas for your convenience.

Seating Area Inside the Picnic Area

Vegetable and Herb Garden2.jfif

This is one of the on garden sites for raising and growing herbs.

Herb Garden 1

Vegetable and Herb Garden1.jfif

This is the second garden for herbs.

Herb Garden 2

Vegetable and Herb Garden4.jfif

We utilize the earth for growing our own vegetables and herbs. This garden contains squash.

Vegetable Garden 1

Vegetable and Herb Garden5.jpg

This vegetable garden contains bell peppers.

Vegetable Garden 2

Vegetable and Herb Garden6.jpg

This vegetable garden contains eggplant

Vegetable Garden 3

Vegetable and Herb Garden3.jfif

This vegetable garden contains

Vegetable Garden 4

Walking Trail.jpg

A key factor to health is nor only getting fresh air but also adequate exercise. You can definitely get some exercise in along our walking trails.

Walking Trail 1

Walking Trail1.jpg

This is another walking trail on the property.

Walking Trail 2

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